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Dalarö Music Studio has the capability to record 32 independent channels simultaneously. This is more than enough to cover most live performances (except maybe for classical music).

The studio is based on ProTools and is portable. In fact most of my recording projects take place "in the field". At live concerts, in studios, rehearsal rooms or even in living rooms.

I have experience from live and studio recording and of programming. I have experience from a broad spectrum of genres, rock, blues, jazz and choirs. 

I can mix up to 64 simultaneous channels (ProTools). I mix entirely "in the box" and I have a set of carefully selected plug-ins to support that.

And I have the tools and the competence to finalize the process and create a CD-cover and a digital master for CD printing.


If you have the music, then I have the tools that can help you make it a hit!